What to do with a problem puppy

As prepared as you might think that you are, sometimes nothing can prepare you for the arrival of your new puppy. As excited as you might be, sometimes that feeling can turn to frustration out as your puppy wreaks havoc on your home and gets up to all sorts of mischief.

naughty-puppyMore often than not, this will simply be just a case of puppies doing what puppies do best – which is being a little bit of a rascal and wanting to be the centre of your attention.

However, there will be some puppy problems that you want to nip in the bud as soon as possible to avoid problems later on. For instance, if your puppy bites a lot this can be a challenge for dog owners. At first, it might just seem like a bit of fun and is perfectly normal as puppies go through teething when your puppy snaps like an alligator rather than cuddles up like a teddy bear as you had hoped. However, you do need to train your puppy to try and inhibit this behaviour ,and whatever methods you use it must be a consistent. Tug-of-war and other such games will only encourage this behaviour – the puppy will not know that biting is unacceptable behaviour if you do not train him!

Whatever your puppy problems, do not be afraid to seek advice from other dog owners or those in the know. Soon you will have the loving and obedient pet that you had hoped for.