What to expect at dog training school

When you go along to a dog training class, check a few details beforehand of what the trainer might need to see. A reputable organisation will want to see your vaccination certificates; some will also request that your puppy has been wormed. You may want to bring a few things along with you such as titbits for rewards, poop bags, toys, a collar and lead and a water bowl with a supply of water. A full list should be provided when you enrol.

Your puppy’s training class should offer a fun and friendly atmosphere in a comfortable venue. The whole family can go and everybody can learn together the signals and commands for the pup.

Remember, your puppy has a lot to learn, it will be a lot easier if he or she is happy and stress free. Don’t worry if he or she misbehaves or has a little accident and leaves a puddle on the floor, mistakes will happen and your tutor will be on hand to tell you what to do.

What will you both be learning?

You will be learning how to give commands and what behaviour to expect. Your puppy will learn to recognise these commands and react accordingly. The extent of the commands taught will vary slightly from class to class but the basics are “come”, “sit”, “stand”, “walk”. The basic behaviour includes how to behave on a lead, to accept handling by humans in different situations and your puppy will learn how to socialise with humans, other dogs and puppies.

Expect some homework; the exercises that you learn in class will have to be practiced at home.

Puppy training classes, a learning curve for you and your puppy and great fun to be had by all.