What’s your dog related New Year’s resolution?

When the kerfuffle surrounding Christmas is over, and we’ve unwrapped presents by the score, drunk enough eggnog to float a battleship and lain corpulent in front of the TV to watch the Bond film, we tend to start feeling a little guilty. It’s therefore not surprising that we attempt to assuage our guilt by making a resolution for the New Year. Whether it’s to lose weight, give up smoking or pay more attention to the jobs that need doing around the house, although our intentions may be noble, we rarely stick to them.

The solution? Do something worthwhile that takes virtually no effort on your part – set up a monthly direct debit to a charity for instance. There are many worthwhile causes, but here’s a few dog related charities you may want to consider donating to.

The Dogs Trust

Once known as the National Canine Defence League, The Dogs Trust rehabilitates dogs that have been abandoned or given up on, and finds them new homes. It operates neutering and microchipping programmes across the UK to reduce the number of unwanted pups, and promises to never euthanize a healthy dog.

guide dogs for the blindThe Guide Dogs For The Blind Association

Training and breeding guide dogs for 75 years, this charity provides guide dogs to many partially sighted and blind people. They also deliver rehabilitation and confidence-building services to them, including cane skills and day to day living skills. As if this wasn’t enough, they also campaign vigorously for the visually impaired and have even successfully influenced government policy. Give money to the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Pets as Therapy

This charity provides dogs and cats to hospitals, residential homes, hospices and special needs schools, providing companionship and therapy to more than 130,000 people per week in the UK. With over 4,500 dogs alone, they would welcome any donation gratefully.

Of course, this is just a sample of the many, equally deserving charities out there. When you’re tucking into your umpteenth mince pie, spare a thought for the less fortunate. Even just a couple of pounds per month all goes towards essentials like dog beds, toys, vet’s fees and dog collars. Set up a direct debit online and donate to a worthy cause.