Which breed of dog is right for me?

Are you considering purchasing a dog? Making the decision to get a puppy is a big one, and not something to be taken lightly. Once you have decided to get your puppy have thought about the financial commitment, you need to decide what type of breed is best for you and your family.

Think about the lifestyle that you have and take into account the adjustments you may need to make. Consider the size your pup will be when fully grown, and how much a energy he may have.

When thinking about the size of your dog, do you want one that you can carry with you or do you want a large dog to aid to act as a security measure? If you can’t decide whether you would prefer large or small, then you may want to opt for a medium sized dog.

Larger dogs need to have a lot more space and will need plenty of exercise. You also need to consider the expense of a larger dog, such as food and if treatment is required.

Some dogs have more energy than than average, and this is in part determined by the breed. However, when making your decision, you should not just rely on the breed itself, as a dog’s routine can determine this for you. If you already know that you will be unable to take your dog for a walk less than two times a day, then the breed you should go for should be one that has lower exercise requirements. Surprisingly, Greyhounds fall into this category. If you are looking for a dog to go jogging with, then a Border Collie is the perfect companion as they thrive on exercise.