Which would you choose, a collar or harness?

All dog owners have there own opinions on what is better for their pet. This can be from which shampoo to which food. Some dog owners like to walk their dogs using a harness and some prefer to use a dog collar. Some will say a harness is better for your dogs posture, while some will say a dog collar is better for control.

Whether you prefer a collar or a harness, you should have a collar on your dog every day when they are not being walked. This can have an identity tag on it, featuring their name, address and a contact telephone number in case he gets lost. A dog collar can also have a tag on to say if they have certain allergies or information on the vaccinations, which is certainly something to think about if your beloved pet becomes lost or wonders off.

A harness is ideal for puppies, as their muscles are still developing. Getting your puppy used to their lead at an early age will have its benefits when they get older. Harnesses also are a preferred item on smaller breeds, especially on those dogs under six pounds in weight.

Larger breeds are better off wearing a dog collar as they do have a tendency to pull and should not be wearing a harness. This is because a harness is worn on the dog around their centre of gravity, which can put you in danger of being pulled along by a muscular dog.

With all this in mind, you can now decide which is more appropriate for your pet.