Who is the richest dog in the world?

Following from the news yesterday how a rich widow left £7 million to animal welfare charities, this has raised the question as to what dog is the wealthiest in the world. With multi-millionaires leaving their entire fortunes to their pets, there are some very rich cats and dogs in the world today.

The richest dog of all however is a German shepherd, named Gunther IV. The lucky German shepherd is worth a staggering £90 million, after being left the money by his father (yes, another dog) named Gunther III.

Gunther III received his fortune when his owner, a German countess named Karlotta Liebenstein, left her entire estate to her dog when she passed away back in 1992.

As much of the fortune existed in property, some of which is believed to be the Bahamas as well as Germany, and Gunther III didn’t really need to spend much, except for the occasional pig’s ear, the fortune increased with interest and the rising housing market.

This meant that Gunther III was able to leave his son, Gunther IV a staggering £90 million when he died in 2000.