Who owns a dog when he gets re-homed by the dog’s home?

It’s every dog owner’s worst fear; you lose your dog only to find he’s been found by the dog’s home and re-homed to someone else. What happens then, can you get him back or will the new owners be able to keep him?

This is exactly what happened to Tango the Chihuahua. He was lost by his owners, Joyce and Billy Grieveson, from Newcastle upon-Tyne. They contacted the dog’s home, only to find that he had been recovered and re-homed. Tango now lived with a new couple, Malcolm Bradbury and Sheila Henderson. They’d paid the dog’s home £80 for the little dog, and had taken him back to their home in Northumberland.

Naturally when there is a dispute over a dog like this, it ended up in court, and a judge in a North Sheilds court ruled that Tango be returned to his original owners, Joyce and Billy Grieveson.

Malcolm Bradbury and Sheila Henderson then made a counter claim, but lost, meaning they had to pay the court costs of £400.

Malcolm Bradbury was angry that the dog’s home had sold them a dog that belonged to someone else:

Why did they let him bond with someone else?