Why a dog can recognise the different smells and sights in their world

dog sniffingThe world in general is a wonderful place to all breeds of dogs, they have a way of understanding and recognising different surroundings by their wonderful nasal passages that act as a scent detector.

A human’s reaction to different places, and even familiar surroundings, is to look around to get their bearings.

Sight is an important sense with us, we will scan and familiarise ourselves wherever we are before making a conscious decision to move forward.

Dogs however use their noses, their immediate reaction to familiar and the not so familiar places they find themselves in will cause them to put their nose to the ground. Sniffing outer spaces, including grass verges and the trunks of trees, will give dogs the information they require about other dogs in the area.

The nasal cavities holds millions of scent related molecule cells which sends out messages to the part of the brain that is responsible for the detection of the various scents.

The roof of a dog’s mouth is built with an extraordinary organ in the top part of the roof, the function of this is to recognise appealing tastes and smells, including would be breeding partners.

This valuable bone is extremely useful for hound or gun dogs that are used to track and hunt scents.

The police and armed forces make good use of a dog’s ability to detect drugs, explosives and even food that is brought in illegally from other countries.