Why does my dog lick my feet?

toesWhen your alarm wakes you up in a morning and you rush to the bathroom, why on earth do pet dogs start to lick the soles of your feet? Most pet owners assume it is a sign of affection, but sorry to disappoint you or burst your bubble, that is not correct.

A mother dog constantly licks all her puppies from the minute they are born. Some of the placenta at birth may need licking off and ‘mum’ will do that. Placenta is full of essential nutrients and this can be passed on to a litter of puppies via the mother dog.

Puppies will learn to bond with their brothers and sisters by licking them. When they are older, they are weaned from mother’s milk so they will lick around her mouth hoping for food.

Puppies born in the wild would eat and then regurgitate their first meal after weaning.

Adult dogs will lick another dog’s face or ears as a sign of being submissive. Dog will also lick a human’s face as a sign of submissiveness. A dog will soon learn that he receives affection from you when he licks your face.

If you do not like your dog licking you, you can teach him to show affection in other ways such as rolling on his stomach for a tickling session.

Licking your feet first thing in the morning could be due to the fact that your dog loves your foot wash or lotion that you rubbed in your skin the evening before.


  • my shiba inu mai loves feet i usually get a 45 min licking every night while i watch tv i dont mind it it tickles and how could i say no to such a cute face i agree that its more than likely that its the salt in your sweat that they enjoy but my shiba is a very very clean dog she is constantly licking the crap out of the corners of the carpet if i dont sweep twice a week and if i have socks on then i get a little nibble and a bump from her nose letting me know she is ready to clean my feet

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