Why does my dog smell?

smelly dogAll breeds of dogs have their own individual odour; however some dogs tend to be smellier than others. This is not to say that all dogs have a foul smell, but a dog’s scent can be overpowering to people, especially for those who do not own a dog.

Some of the odours found coming from your dog can be due to yeast infections, or disease and bacteria within the ears nose and throat area. Regular check ups with a local vet is a preventative measure for such doggie smells.

One condition that can be smelly, and also cause a dog to be in pain, is in the anal area. Glands in that part of a dog’s body need to be emptied regularly. The signals of problems there are your dog pulling his bottom along the floor and, of course, the unusual foul odour.

When a dog runs about on grass in the garden, park or in a field, they will pick up mud and grass seeds in their fur. To avoid the production of oily odour, brushing a dog’s coat will soon get rid of unwanted material.

Dog shampoos and conditioners are a brilliant product that helps a dog to smell nice while, at the same time, preventing overproduction of an oily skin.

Many dogs love to be bathed and pampered once they realise they are in for a tasty treat afterwards, however others will go outside to relieve themselves and roll over in the grass following a bath just to annoy their owners.

It is important for owners of small and medium sized dogs to realise that they can over bathe their pets. However, owners of the larger breeds of working dogs that have long hair can happily bath their pets on a more regular basis.