Why is my dog whining?

Dogs seem to whine for a plethora of reasons. Some people who are new to dog ownership may be surprised if their dog starts whining. Their lack of knowledge may make them perplexed with regard to what they ought to do.

Why is a dog whining?

When we are frustrated by dog whining we usually just want the noise to cease. However, we should try to figure out the cause. Dogs whine out of unhappiness, fear or pain. If a dog suddenly commences whining he may even be hurt or ill. However, dogs can also whine out of fear of abandonment.

If a dog whines in your absence

It can sometimes be that a dog whines when you are not in his presence and this can be known as ‘separation anxiety’. The trick here is to get your dog accustomed to spending longer periods without you, without your dog making such a fuss about your absence. One way to achieve this is by making sure that your dog is comfortable in the place where you leave him. You must leave your dog behind even if he whines and you must return at a time of your own choosing. Sometimes you will have to be firm with your dog, but praise him when he behaves well.

When a dog whines to get you to notice him

Some dogs whine if they feel you are neglecting them. If you are not neglecting them, but you sometimes have things to do apart from playing with them this can become an irritating problem. The solution is to combine ignoring whining with enjoying each other’s company.