Why you should groom your dog regularly

Groom-a-DogVeterinary surgeons are often asked why we have to groom our dogs when animals in the wild are not groomed by humans.

The answer to that question is that wild animals are looked after by Mother Nature. Animals in the wild have a different lifestyle and are affected by the weather in a different way to a domesticated pet.

Natural terrain helps animals to wear down their toe nails. The torrential rain experienced in the wild also removes and combs out the dead hair of animals as they move through the undergrowth.

Wild animals use nature’s diet and have plenty of daily exercise which promotes a healthy skin and coat of hair.

A puppy or dog has to rely on humans for their diet, their exercise and the cutting of their hair and nails.

The conditions we place on our dogs with artificial lighting and humidity affects dogs. It changes their natural hair cycle and causes dry and flaky skin.

Carpets are great for humans but they do not wear down a dog’s toe nails or remove dead hair from their coat.

Feeding your dog scraps from your table is not a good healthy and balanced diet. A bad diet and no exercise can lead to stress, skin problems and health problems.

Dogs require exercise every day. The amount of exercise depends on the breed of dog.

Dogs that are left all day with no exercise become bored, which could lead to the destruction of your property.