Woman banned from selling sick dogs after faking Kennel Club certificates

Dog breeder Liz Baird has been convicted of selling unhealthy dogs to customers, and of faking Kennel Club certificates to make out that the puppies were pedigree dogs, registered with the Kennel Club.

She has received a fine of £2000 and has been banned from selling sick dogs.

The story was broken by the Sunday Mail, which showed the extent of the problem, where hundreds of customers had been conned into buying dogs that they believed to be pedigree dogs, with a trusted lineage. In fact the dogs weren’t pedigree dogs, they weren’t registered with the Kennel Club and many of them were ill.

Liz Baird was a dog breeder with her own kennels, in Hillbank, Ayrshire. She was found guilty and convicted of six separate charges of selling dogs with fake descriptions. She had already been banned from selling sick dogs after she’d been prosecuted by trading standards in Ayrshire.

Joe Donnelly of Ayrshire trading standards stated:

We had 60 complaints so many more consumers may be due compensation.