Woman walking dog claims she met an alien

According to files just released by the MOD (Ministry of Defence) a woman walking her dog claimed to have met an alien from an another planet, and was even interviewed by the military.

Before you ask, this isn’t an American woman in Ohio, this is a British woman in Norwich!

The incident explained in the newly released files happened way back in 1989, and the woman claimed she was visited by, and spoke to, an alien with a ‘Scandinavian accent.

Could he not have just been from Scandinavia?

The account goes on to say how the woman ran hope scared and saw a glowing object take off from behind the trees.

The report released by the MOD shows a note on the cover stating:

one of our more unusual UFO reports.

The new documents released by the MOD contain approximately 1,200 UFO and alien sightings.

It’s not known what the dog made of the encounter.