Woman’s pet dog helps her to find her wedding ring

A wedding ring symbolises love and an eternal bond between two people. Because this piece of jewellery is so important to the person who wears it, it is understandable that Jayne Brady’s heart sunk when she realized that her gold and titanium wedding band had come off her finger while she was busy doing chores the previous month. In a bid to recover the ring, Jayne placed signs around her town pleading for assistance from local people.

However, the last place she was when she was wearing the ring was Arrowe Country Park, which stretches over 250 acres. The Wirral-based park is a favoured destination for dog walkers and sports enthusiasts. With so many people passing through the large park on a daily basis, Jayne began to lose hope of finding the ring she had last seen in February. Despite this it seems that luck was on her side because, while taking her pet dog Roxy for a leisurely stroll through the park three weeks later, the boxer dog picked up a stick with her mouth and found the lost ring.

Peeking out of the grass beneath the stick was the gold and titanium wedding band that Jayne had been frantically searching for. Speaking about her experience, the 43-year-old said:

“As I picked up the stick, there was my ring just sitting on top of the grass. I was sure that I would never see it again and it wasn’t the best timing of losing the ring, as our anniversary was just over a week away at the time.”

It seems a dog isn’t just a man’s best friend after all.