Wonder Woman’s dog found not guilty of barking

She adorned the bedroom walls of countless teenagers during the 1970s, and now TV’s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter Altman, has another claim to fame – she’s won a battle for dogs’ rights.

Lynda Carter Altman, best known for donning the superhero skimpy suit of Wonder Woman, has recently been in court after a neighbour complained that her pet dog was barking too much. The former superhero was in court in Maryland, USA, defending her Labrador retriever against accusations that he was barking all night. Just as Wonder Woman herself would have done, Lynda beat the charge and cleared her dog’s name.

Neighbours of Lynda’s had complained to animal services that the dog was barking at all hours throughout the night. An officer for animal services then issued Lynda’s Labrador with a citation for barking.

However, when the case went to court the judge threw it out due to lack of evidence.

I guess you just don’t mess with Wonder Woman, or her dog.