Wookie the Pomeranian tries out dog leads and attends dog competitions

On the 11th February 2011, Wookie the Pomeranian dog will have his chance to steal the limelight, as he shows dog lovers the newly designed dog leads created by Promofix owner, Kathryn Holloway. Wookie is the pet dog of Kathryn who lives in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Kathryn has recently been asked by show organisers if she would assist them with the promotion of an event in the near future.

With Promofix being a relatively successful company specialising in promotional merchandising, it is clear to see why Miss. Holloway has been chosen to help with the event. Despite the fact that her pet Pomeranian did not manage to gain a win in his section at the championship event, he gained a rosette. It was this that influenced Kathryn to design and build some personalised dog leads, so that other runner-up competitors could still gain something from their efforts.

A Top Dog competition will be taking place shortly in the summer months around Telford and the Shropshire area. Organisers of the competition will benefit from Kathryn’s dog leads as the leads will promote particular societies working with dogs. As Kathryn attends the events Wookie, her Pomeranian pet, will accompany her. Although the leads will be given to the qualifiers at the Top Dog competition, Wookie will surely be the first canine to try out the dog leads.

The effort Kathryn has put into creating the dog leads for the purpose of being a gift to competitors in the competition has been greatly acknowledged. Kathryn, owner of Promofix, said:

‘’Wookie had a wonderful time mixing with the many other breeds at the show and I am pleased to have created a special item for the Shrop-Dog Finals.”

This may be the beginning for Wookie the Pomeranian’s adventures of attending a number of dog-based events.