World’s First One-Push Poop Scoop Debut

Cleaning up after your dog is a hot topic and one that gets many people riled when it doesn’t happen.  There have been many products launched to try to either encourage dog owners to clean up more regularly or to make it easier for them to remember or scoop the poop more easily.

Now, the world’s first ever one-push ‘poop scoop’ is set to be revealed at the Glee Petindex Expo on the 20th September at the NEC in Birmingham.

The Poopsta has a patented one-push action that picks, packs, contains and carries your dog’s poop using a biodegradable bag and even works with the plastic bags that many responsible dog owners already use.  The lid minimises odours and the bagged poop is carried using an easy-clip shoulder strap, meaning it is completely hygienic and can be used without the dog owner having to bend down.  Dog owners can use one Poopsta to scoop multiple poops too, so ideal for multiple dog owners or those who own a ‘busy’ dog.  You can see the Poopsta demonstrated below.

This new product was made by a retired teach in Preston in Lancashire called Maurice Glynn, who said:

“When people first see the Poopsta in action, they are amazed. It’s one of those jaw-dropping why-didn’t-I-think-of-that solutions that stops people in their tracks.  We’ve spoken to a lot of dog owners during development. And they’ve told us what they hate most about picking up dog poo.

“They don’t like the squishy feeling beneath their fingers. They hate it swinging from leads while they wait to find a dog bin. And some dog owners find it difficult to bend down to pick it up. Poopsta will offer the ultimate 4-in-1 solution.  We’ve tested the Poopsta rigorously on all surfaces. It’s easy and fun to use and we hope dog lovers will be proud to own it.”

For those interested in attending, the Petindex Expo will run for three days from 20th to 22nd September and the Poopsta will be on stand G22 in Hall 3/3A.


  • brilliant invention if you dog poops in one pile but an awful waste of bags and time reloading if your dogs tends to do stagger it as the majority of dogs do, in my 49yrs of dog ownership i’ve only ever had one that did it in one neat little pile!!

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