World’s tallest dog dies from bone cancer

Gibson-tallest-dogSadly, the world’s tallest dog has passed away from cancer.  Gibson was a Harlequin Great Dane and stood at 42.6 inches from paw to shoulder.

Back in June, we reported how Gibson had bone cancer and had had his front right leg amputated in a seven hour operation to stop the bone cancer from spreading and vets believed they had stopped it.  Gibson had follow up chemotherapy sessions but unfortunately last week, Gibson’s owner Sandy Hall was told the cancer had spread to Gibson’s spine and lung and there was nothing else that vets could do to save him.

In a pre-prepared statement, Dr Peter Walsh, Gibson’s vet said:

“Last week Gibson began having trouble using his back legs.  X-rays showed that the cancer had spread to his spine and his lungs. Ms. Hall made the very difficult decision based on her concern and love for Gibson to have him humanely euthanised.  Gibson died peacefully in the loving arms of Ms. Hall.”

Standing 7 feet and 1 inch high when stood on his hind legs, Gibson made a formidable figure of a dog and will be sorely missed in his work as a therapy and special needs training dog as well as beloved companion of Ms Hall.


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