World’s Ugliest Dog 2009

worlds-ugliest-dogThe World’s Ugliest Dog competition was held last weekend at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California where a boxer-mix was awarded the title.

Pictured here is Pabst, a four year old boxer-mix breed with a very prominent under-bite.  Pabst was a rescue dog taken in by his owner Miles Egstad.

The prize awarded for being crowned the world’s ugliest dog was $1,600 (£1,000) prize money, some pet suppliers and a dog modelling contract from House of Dog.  worlds-ugliest-dog2Egstad looked very proud of his dog – although we imagine he doesn’t agree with the ‘dogs look like their owners theory’.

Most ugly dog competitions do seem to be won by Chinese Crested dogs so it comes as little surprised to find that the winner of the pedigree category was a former world’s ugliest dog champion, a fifteen year old blind Chinese Crested Hairless dog called Miss Ellie.  Pabst beat the Chinese Crested Hairless dogs to the ultimate title this year though.  I wonder if dog owners will be vying to use Pabst as a stud dog now?

Pictures courtesy of World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, Sonoma-Marin Fair.


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