Would you eat dog food?

Dinner TimeSome dog owners take care of their dogs a little bit too well, spending more on their food than they do on their own. It’s as though the dogs eat better than the humans. But just how well do dogs eat? A new study has shown that some dog food is actually very tasty, with a similar taste to pâté.

I wonder just how they found this out?

Well, as some dog foods are made with better ingredients, such as free range meat, fresh vegetables and other great nutritious things, some dog food companies state that their products are tested by humans. This sparked a new piece of research, titled: “Can People Distinguish Pâté from Dog Food?”.

The short answer was no, they cannot.

An experiment was conducted where several different types of pâté into bowls, alongside some canned turkey and chicken formula for puppies. 18 people tried the different ‘dishes’ and only three of those were able to correctly identify the dog food.

The conclusion was:

Although human beings do not enjoy eating dog food, they are also not able to distinguish its flavor profile from other meat-based products that are intended for human consumption.

So if you find yourself getting hard up during the recession, perhaps you could share a bowl with your dog to save some money?