Would You Like Fries With Your Knuckle Sandwich? McDonald’s Manager Punches Customer With Service Dog

Most responsible dog owners wouldn’t dream of taking their pet into a restaurant that forbade them, unless it was a working animal, such as a guide dog. One customer did just that – and got more than just a Big Mac and fries.

Jennifer Schwenker visited an outlet of the burger chain in Marietta, Atlanta, accompanied by her service dog and two autistic children. However, manager Tiffany Denise Allen saw the innocent party and became enraged at the sight of one of her children tethered to the pooch, according to CBS News.

Ms Allen, who was off duty, confronted the mother of two and told her that the dog was not allowed in the building. Ms Schwenker tried to explain that it was okay for her dog to be in the restaurant, and offered to show Ms Allen her permit, but to no avail – she continued to be harassed, even when she visited the bathroom.


At this point, Ms Schwenker, who speaks publicly on the issues surrounding autism, noticed one of her 8 year old twins had wandered off. Panicking in her rush to look for him, she spilled her drink seven feet away from Ms Allen, who interpreted it as a deliberate act against her. She then launched into an attack.

Ms Allen stormed into the car park and accused Ms Schwenker of disrespect. The enraged burger-flipper then proceeded to slap Ms Schwenker in the face, before being restrained by McDonald’s employees.

Police are investigating the incident, but have yet to make any formal charges. Meanwhile, Jan Owens, who operates the restaurant, commented:

“At our McDonald’s restaurant, we respect and value our customers. Their safety and well-being is always a top priority,.

“We strive to comply with all applicable laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act,”


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