You are the Alpha leader, not your dog

When you own a dog you have to realise that your puppy needs a leader and if you are not the puppy’s leader there will not be any respect given.

The one who is the ‘leader’ of the pack has the respect and that has to be you, otherwise your cute little puppy will grow up to be an unruly dog.

Some dog owners want to be a buddy with their puppy and be their best friend. However this is not possible.

Teach your puppy to stay until you enter a room first, or wait until you leave and then he can follow you.

Standing over the puppy is another way your puppy will recognise you as the leader.

When your puppy grows up there will be a valuable friendship bond formed; until then you have to be the leader, not equal or best friends.


Have a little patience and remember that you are taking the place of his mother and life is an adventure.


Avoid patting your puppy on the head every time you praise him as it can lead to the puppy thinking he is important and the centre of your attention.

The above measures are aimed at puppies. If you have an adult dog you may not be the pack leader and can cause confusion or bad behaviour.