You have the new puppy, what else do you need?

Bedding: Your puppy needs his own space. There are many different baskets on the market, just make sure that you get one that will take into account the final size of your puppy. Some people advocate crates rather than baskets; your breeder will be able to tell you what your puppy is used to and where he will be comfortable.

Feeding: Bowls and feeders in sufficient numbers so that there is always a clean one to hand. Wash them separately. Check with your breeder or your vet for dietary recommendations and stock up.

Grooming: All dogs need grooming; they should have their own grooming accessories suited to their type of fur. A dog shampoo is a good idea; especially if country walks are on the agenda. Some dogs benefit from a dog coat, these come in all sorts of designs.

Training: Puppies have accidents and that is a fact, being prepared with suitable pads will help protect your flooring. Pheromone sprays can be used to help your puppy settle in. A good lead is also important; choose one suited to your dog.

Toys: This is the fun element, dog toys come in all shapes and sizes. A word of caution, small balls can be dangerous and should be avoided, just as anything that is small enough to be swallowed. If you like to take playthings on walks, toys and throws that are easy to locate are best.

The shopping list could go on and on, the list above identifies the essentials. It is just as much fun shopping for your new puppy as it is for yourself.