Your dog is descended from the wolf

If you look around at all the pets humans look after, you will realise the dog has become man’s closest friend from generations gone by.

History books tell us that years ago wolves were taken by people to live with them. It was a working partnership as humans realised greater hunting skills and the wolves were fed and watered.

Due to the wolves being close to families they evolved into an animal who did not have to hunt for meals and its behaviour became more domesticated. The wolves had a diet of cooked meat, not raw meat which was the usual for wild animals.

The change of diet along with human company not only affected a change in character but their brain, skull and teeth started to shrink while their bodies remained the same

From that time onwards people started to selectively breed wolves and the result is the variety of breeds of dogs we have today. Crossbreeding dogs give us the different traits in the dogs of today.

If a dog was left to fend in the wild they would not be able to survive.

Looking at all the dogs, large or small, you would not think they all have one thing in common which is their ancestor, the wolf.  last year, Martin Clunes and his dogs took part in a programme about the history of dogs, which talked about the connection with wolves.