Your dog is the food you give him

When dogs and humans got together there began a wonderful partnership with a bond and ultimate protection from both sides.

In the wild dogs would scavenge by eating scraps and bones from woods, markets, butchers and any back alleyway.

After a short time dogs that lived with the family in their home or on a farm came to realise food was put in front of him and naturally he was grateful.

The manufacturers of dog food got wise by investing a lot of their money in producing dog food. The ingredients in the dog food were made from the waste within the human food industry.

In today’s world the ingredients have improved and society now relies on feeding their dog’s dry pet food, semi-moist or pet food that has been labelled ‘gourmet’.

This way of feeding pet dogs and not making sure they have an all round nutritious ingredients and vitamins can lead to obesity and illness.

The many breeds of dogs we have today are happy to be fed food including your dinner from your table.

However feeding your pet dog an imbalanced pet diet can lead to allergies and skin conditions. The result is large vet bills and a shorter lifespan for your dog.

Consider what you give your dog and how much and consider moving to either natural dog food or allergy dog food if necessary.


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    It’s also important to rotate sources of meat, as studies have shown that feeding a pet the same meat for more than 90 days increases the chances of allergies.

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