Youth gang attack Britain’s Ugliest Dog

The dog crowned Britain’s Ugliest Dog in 2005 was subjected to a cruel attack by a gang of vicious young thugs.

Mugly is a shih tzu-Chinese crested cross breed and escaped from his owner’s home.  He did have just the one tuft of hair on his neck,  but the mindless youths tore it from his neck, hit and punched him and even ripped off one of his eyebrows.

Mugly’s owner, Bev Nicholson, told the media:

“You just can’t think why these people would do such a horrible thing. It’s horrible because he loves people so much he probably thought it was just a game and all they were interested in was hurting him.  He was really shaken and cowered in to me when he got back.  He was swollen and bruised around his face and rear end.”

A passer-by rescued Mugly when he recognised him from Bev’s posters pleading for help finding the missing dog.  Police are investigating and appealing for anybody who knows anything to come forward with any information to locate the vicious youths.

Bev added: “They had pulled out a little tuft of hair he had on his neck. It was the only hair he had and they even managed to take off one of his eyebrows.”

Mindless violence such as this, whether aimed at dogs or people, needs to be stopped.  Anybody with information should contact the local police.