YouTube canine sensation is called Fenton not Benton

A short YouTube video has now been viewed more than 700,000 times since being posted on the site last week.

Ali Goodyear, 37-years-old, had taken his animal loving 13-year old son to Richmond Park in London for a day out. They set about filming some deer in the park and ended up getting some fantastic footage of a different kind.

Their video pictures a man running after his dog, Fenton, who has managed to get away from his owner and is seen chasing a huge group of deer.

The owner is heard in the video screaming for his dog and trying to catch up with him after he makes a dash for the herd. The owner sounds to be shouting “Benton”, which is what many of the YouTube fans had first thought, but it has now been revealed that he is actually shouting “Fenton”.

Goodyear said:

“We were filming the deer and all of a sudden this man came from behind us and was agitated to say the least because he had lost control of his dog.

“The dog chased after the deer and I think the owner feared he would never see his pet again.”

He then added:

“The deer scattered everywhere and went across the road. The dog then disappeared into the woods.”

Goodyear has said that since releasing the video he has been flooded with requests for him to make an appearance on a number of television shows, both in the UK as well as internationally.

Mr Goodyear said:

“I’ve been inundated with people from CBS, CNN, Good Morning America, German Newspapers — I don’t know what to do — I might get Max Cliffod on it!”

This YouTube video has turned out to be so popular that the name Benton had been appearing recently as one of the highest trending positions on Twitter.

The owner of Fenton has not yet been identified and this could be a result of the possible prosecution he could face.

The Royal Parks has released a statement saying that dogs must be kept on their leads at Richmond Park and be kept under control or their owners could “risk persecution”.

It has been estimated by the charity Friends of Richmond Park that an estimated six deer are killed in and around Richmond Park every year as a result of uncontrolled dogs.



  • If nobody knows who the dog owner is and if he hasn’t come forward, how can you be certain the dog is Fenton and not Benton??

  • It seems to be all over the web that his name is Fenton, rather than Benton. Of course, the identity of the dog owner is a little more shaded as he could face serious charges for allowing his dog to chase deer.

    This story even made it onto Have I Got News for You last week. Paul Merton was astonished at how so many people could watch and share a video of a dog chasing after deer, suggesting he should just give up comedy 🙂

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