Lifetime Stud Dog Listings


  • List as many stud dogs as you want
  • List different dog breeds
  • No advert expiration
  • Receive enquiries via phone and email
  • See stats on how many people have viewed your dogs
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER - offer will close soon

Advertise your stud dog

At Dream Dogs, we are pleased to offer stud dog advertising for LIFE, for as many stud dogs as you like in our stud dog directory. This gives you the opportunity to list your dogs for stud for as long as you want, adding as many dogs as you want, all for just £5.00. Our accounts are on a per person basis so once you are registered you may advertise as many stud dogs as you wish.

Simply make your payment below. This can be made before or after you register for the website on the right hand side. Once you have made a payment, registered and logged in the form will appear below for you add your dogs.