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On Dream Dogs there is a vast number of Labrador stud dogs listed. To find the perfect Labrador stud dog for you, simply choose the dog and click their profile photo. You can contact the dog owner direct either by phone or by email.

Labradors are friendly, happy-go-lucky dogs. This outgoing, boisterous breed makes a great adventure companion for enthusiastic, energetic owners, and they are often used as guide dogs. Here are some key facts regarding Labrador stud dogs.

Finding a Labrador stud dog: what should you look for?

What are the average fees for a Labrador stud?

Average stud fees for Labradors are between £250-£650, depending on the breeder and the colour of the stud dog.

Three tips for finding a Labrador stud:

What is the average litter size of Labrador?

A Labrador’s average litter size is six to eight pups, and their gestation period is in the region of 63 days.

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