The dog that eats like a horse

by Leanne Thompson on September 15, 2010

The next time you complain about how much it costs to feed your dog, or bemoan the fact that he’s eating you out of house and home, spare a thought for Gary Randfleish in New South Wales, Australia. His dog, a Pyranees named Snowbear, really does eat like a horse – as he’s roughly the same size as one.

Snowbear weighs the same as an average adult male, 75kg, and towers over his fellow pooch Beethoven (naturally a St Bernard). Snowbear gets lavished with attention wherever he goes and between him and Beethoven they’re eating everything Mr Randfleish can afford to give them.

Gary Randfleish commented about his two very hungry dogs:

“He’s a very friendly, calm soul who loves people. He’s my best mate, and him and Beethoven make quite a pair and match each other quite well.”

Mr Randfleish is an experienced dog owner, having owned many different breeds in the past. He has owned large dogs such as Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds too, so he knows about hungry, high maintenance dogs. In his opinion however, Snowbear (more…)

Pyrenean mountain dog rides the London underground

by Leanne Thompson on March 6, 2009

If you’ve ever watched the film ‘An American Werewolf in London’ you’ll remember the very scary scene where a man is stalked on the London underground by a werewolf, and is pursued through an empty station at night.

Thankfully, that’s just a film, and the chances of seeing a huge four legged creature on the tube are very remote… unless you ride the Bakerloo line from Pinner to Baker Street. If you do ride that line you might have seen Rufus, the giant Pyrenean mountain dog, who rides the tube every day with his owner Michael Stavrides.

Fifty-year-old Stavrides, and his five-year-old giant dog, ride the tube every day and have made quite a few friends on the way.

Michael explains how the reaction to Rufus is always friendly, despite his huge (more…)

Pyrenean mountain dogs attacking tourists

by Darren Jamieson on August 5, 2008

Pyrenean dogs have been introduced to the French Alps to protect the sheep from wild wolves, but it’s not just the sheep they seem to be turning their attentions towards.

Jean-Luc Renaud was interviewed by the Times, as he saw a Belgian tourist who had been ravaged by a Pyrenean mountain dog. He told the Times that the tourist was staggering towards him, covered in blood: (more…)

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