Full list of past Crufts winners

by Leanne Thompson on March 31, 2010

The Crufts dog show was won just a couple of weeks ago by Yogi, a Hungarian Vizsla – the first time that the Best in Show was won by that particular breed of dog. This started us thinking about how many different breeds of dogs had actually won the show, and where you could find a full list of the Best in Show winners. The Crufts website itself doesn’t seem to hold this sort of information – even for recent winners – so we’ve compiled this up to date list of the Best in Show winners at Crufts, from Yogi’s success just a couple of weeks ago, Charmin’s victory last year (a Sealyham Terrier) to as far back as 1928.

We’ve also listed, where possible, each dog’s Kennel Club name.

Those familiar to dog breeding and dog shows will know that the letters ‘Ch’ before a dog’s name show that they are a champion of two or more major shows.

We’ll update this page each year with the new winner at Crufts – so you’ll always have this information (more…)

Charmin wins Best in Show at Crufts

by Darren Jamieson on March 10, 2009

Crufts may have taken place this year without the sponsorship from Pedigree or the RSPCA, and without the backing from the BBC, but one terrier name Charmin couldn’t care less, as he’s just won the ‘Best in Show’ award at Crufts 2009.

The RSPCA, Pedigree and the BBC pulled out of the event over claims that dog breeders weren’t doing what was best for the dogs in a BBC documentary. That hasn’t tempered Charmin’s excitement, nor that of his owner, Margery Good. It didn’t stop the crowds flocking to the event, held in Birmingham’s NEC, either.

Margery Good, the owner of Charmin, exclaimed:

He’s such a special dog. He is my best buddy. He proved himself tonight and made every (more…)

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