Advice for new puppy owners

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for the whole family. It is certainly an experience and a steep learning curve if you have never had such a pet before. Getting advice from other dog owners can be very useful as they will have made mistakes – and learnt from them – and can pass this experience onto you, whether it is something very sensible, like the name of a very good reputable vet or something fun, like the kind of chewy treat that their puppy was most partial to.

The internet is a great source of information on a whole range of puppy issues. You can pick up some great tips, but be careful not to believe everything you read and make sure that you do not get obsessed with reading every little detail – enjoy the experience, take lots of photos to remind you of this special time and remember that you can always learn some things as you go along! The main thing is to make sure that everyone in the family adheres to the same set of rules on how they treat your puppy so that he does not get mixed messages and knows his boundaries. It can be easy to forgive your little puppy anything because it is so adorable, so remember that he does need discipline! Little children and puppies can be great friends, but remember to supervise their play to ensure that the puppy has time for rest and does not become irritable with the child.