Alternative treatments for dogs and puppies

Although modern veterinary treatments have advanced exponentially in recent years there is still a growing trend for dogs and puppy owners to seek alternative treatments for their sick pets. As people seek complementary treatments for themselves, so they extend their belief in marginal therapies to their pets.

For instance, dog or puppy massage can help with the animal’s circulation or aid muscle aches. Massage can also be a good method of bonding with a young puppy and ensuring that they become familiar with human contact. Veterinary homeopathy is also a popular treatment often used by dog breeders to treat a range of ailments, such as allergic rashes, and is also often used to help increase dog fertility. Homeopathy is a holistic remedy and can often encompass the emotional wellbeing of a dog or puppy.

Alternative treatments for dogsOther alternative treatments include acupuncture. This process uses a series of needles to address health issues such as joint problems and bowel difficulties.

Hydrotherapy for dogs is also growing in popularity. This treatment utilises heated water to allow a puppy to swim or exercise in a supportive and heated environment. A hydrotherapy pool allows a dog to exercise muscles without having to undertake high impact movements, which can be detrimental to recovery.

For dogs and puppies with cancer, many owners choose to control the diet and supplements which their animal has. Providing organic meats and green, leafy vegetables can often give a puppy the natural vitamins and minerals needed to fight the effects of cancer and tumours.