Arthritis in dogs

Arthritis is a common problem and is one of the oldest diseases around. It is known that dinosaurs were not free from arthritis and early humans also could not escape. Therefore it is not surprising that it is common in both humans and dogs.

It is thought that arthritis affects thousands of dogs in just the UK alone and is one of the most common sources of chronic pain that vets treat.

Arthritis in dogsThere are a few changes that your dog can make in his behaviour that may alert you to the fact that they may have arthritis. Even subtle changes in your dog’s behaviour should be looked at closely.

If the dog has trouble sitting or standing and is tending to favour one limb over the other may be an indication that they are suffering arthritis; they may also be having difficulties with stiff joint and may not be as agile climbing stairs.

If the dog is sleeping more, seems less alert and suffers behaviour changes, then this could include a reluctance to play and decreased activity again common symptoms that your dog could be suffering from arthritis.

The best way to start preventing the symptoms is to get the diagnosis as early as possible. This will mean examinations and possibly x rays have to be done.

By maintain a healthy diet and exercise will be a good way to start combating the affects of arthritis on your dog.

Your vet should talk to you about over the counter that you can give the dog for pain relief. Pills that contain fatty acids like Omega 3 should help the dog to relieve pain and combat the aggression of the disease.