Burglars steal nine dogs worth £20,000

A family from Cardiff have been the victims of crime, resulting in the theft of nine pet dogs, worth £20,000 between them. The dogs were stolen from the kennel outside the family’s home in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff.

Michelle and Trevor Deen are devastated at the loss of their dogs, which include a 3-year-old Bulldog named Rocket and seven puppies. In addition to the dogs being stolen, the family owe £14,000 to buyers who have paid £2,000 in deposits on the puppies.

Trevor had left his Cardiff home on Wednesday between 9pm and 10pm at night. When he returned home he found that the dogs had been stolen, even though Michelle and her son were still at home at the time.

Someone was obviously watching the house and waiting for me to leave. As soon as I went out, they took the dogs.

Rocket is a nervous dog anyway. She would have been terrified. And the puppies are only five-weeks-old. They’ve only been on solid food for a week. They need injections and they’re still feeding off their mother.

I’ve sold those puppies already so I’m going to have to give people their deposits back. It’s £2,000 each and we’ve already used that money.

Michelle and Trevor are not professional dog breeders, and it’s the first time they’ve had a litter of puppies. Michelle said she’s distraught about the theft.

We don’t even know if they’re being fed and looked after.

We haven’t told our little boy yet. The first thing he said this morning was ‘where’s Whoopie?’ and then ‘I want Rocket’. I told him they had gone to their auntie’s house because the window was broken in the kennel.

One of the dogs has been microchipped, so hopefully police will be able to trace them before they are sold on by the thieves.


  • £2000 for each puppy – and this was only a deposit???!!

    Sorry but I can’t feel much sympathy for backyard breeders – they’re no better than puppy farmers.

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