Cheryl Cole! Walkies!

Cheryl Cole, singer, dancer, model, talent show judge and shiller of shampoo now has a dubious honour to add to her long list of achievements: she is the celebrity that most people would like to name their pet dogs after.

The ex-Girls Aloud starlet beat off stiff competition to become the number one choice for bitches, including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Grace Kelly. Hold on – Grace Kelly?

As the ex-wife of philandering footballer Ashley Cole, Cheryl has carved out a successful TV career in recent years, appearing in Cheryl Cole’s Night In, Ghosthunting with Cheryl Cole and Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

ozzy-osbourneThe top choice for males and stud dogs was the distinctly snappier Ozzy, in honour of rabid, bat baiting Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne. The mad-as-a-hatter heavy metaller came ahead of other popular names such as Arnie, Boris, Bono and Elvis.

Coincidentally, Cole replaced Ozzy’s tough-as-old-boots wife, Sharon Osbourne, to appear alongside Simon Cowell in TV talent show X-Factor.

The survey of dog owners was conducted by nature magazine National Geographic on behalf of its TV channel, Nat Geo Wild. More than 3,000 dog owners were surveyed as part of a programme to be screened later this month.

Other, more traditional names such as Buster, Alfie and Barney also figured highly in the results.

If you’ve named your pooch after Cheryl Cole, hopefully it won’t be as high maintenance as its namesake, demanding diamond studded dog collars, king-size four-poster dog beds or the finest bones hand delivered by your local butcher.


  • Cheryl is not a professional dancer and she can’t sing. If she was in America, they would boo n laugh at her singing.

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