Do you have insurance for your dog?

dog with broken legMost people have insurance for their homes, their property and their cars, as insurance is just one of those things that we take for granted as something that we need, and hopefully will never have to use. However, how many people have taken out a pet health insurance policy on their dog?

Unless you have an expensive pedigree dog who could be a possible target for theft, there’s a good chance that you haven’t considered dog insurance – but without it your loving pet could prove very expensive indeed. Health insurance for dogs covers any unexpected, and often expensive, trips to the vets that your dog may require. Without pet health insurance you could find yourself facing an expensive bill for any treatment for your dog, one that could run into thousands of pounds – or you could face the most difficult of decisions over whether you go into debt for your dog’s health, or face losing your dog altogether.

Dog insurance covers all manner of illnesses and injuries, the sort of things that dogs are sadly very prone to pick up. For example, if you have a particularly active dog breed, one that likes chasing after sticks and throwing themselves into rivers, then there’s a chance that they could do themselves an injury, such as breaking a leg. What would be a simple remedy for a human can often prove very expensive for dogs, with the expense of the original care added to by the need for repeat visits to the vets, and repeated courses of antibiotics for the dog. This alone could cost thousands of pounds – or it could be covered by your pet insurance.

Pet insurance policies can also be made to cover hereditary conditions, or serious conditions such as cancer that require on-going treatment that could last for years. A little expense now could save a lot of expense later.