Dog agility contest attracts big crowds

One of the world’s most popular canine agility events recently took place in Leicestershire over the weekend. The Kennel Club’s International Agility Festival captivated thousands of people and featured more than 2,000 top level dogs.

Every performance counted at the event, as the top participants at the three-day showing automatically bagged a space at Crufts 2014.

Richard Chubb is one of the organisers of the showcase, which was held in the picturesque grounds of Rockingham Castle in Market Harborough. He spoke about the successful weekend, saying:

“Competitions range from the very basic grade one right up to the best of the best at grade seven.”

Hordes of spectators showed up to watch the activities, as a series of cup classes were held for all levels, height categories and grades of agility. The courses involved a variety of obstacles, including see-saws, tunnels and jumps of various heights.

Competitors from more than 20 countries flocked to the event. Among the competitors was Pam Hancock from Oxfordshire, who attended with Martha, a black toy poodle. She expressed her excitement for the event, saying,

“I love it, because I get to spend time with other dogs, meet lots of lovely people and it’s good exercise for mind and body.”

She went on to explain that the top participants were naturals and while Martha has potential, she didn’t take too well to some of the activities.
Spectators were able to test their own dog’s talents at the competition, by getting involved in the ‘Have a Go’ agility games.