Dog owner finds new love to share house and wardrobe with her Yorkies

The ‘mother-in-law’ of the UK’s ugliest dog has finally found love for herself after shelling out an incredible £100,000 on her pet Yorkies.

In early 2011, Louise Harris spent £20,000 on a wedding for Lola, one of her Yorkshire terriers, who got hitched to Chinese crested Mugly, the owner of the Britain’s Ugliest Dog crown since 2005.

After years of misplaced affection, she has now found a beau of her own – Dan Hill, presenter of TV show The New Reclaimers.

After meeting Dan at a fashion show, the two became smitten. In fact, Louise brought him to heel in record time. Although they have only been together for little over three months, she now dresses Dan in identical outfits to the ones she has for one of her beloved dogs, Larry. The two now have identical jackets, shirts and even tuxedos.

Rather than run like the wind as any sane man would do, 29-year-old Dan enjoys being part of the pack, and even expressed his anxiety at the possibility at not fitting in. He told the Daily Mail:

“I was concerned the dogs wouldn’t like me as that would be a major issue for Louise – it was like meeting the family for the first time!”

“But they’re great and I don’t mind at all that they’re very much a part of our life together.”

“At first I was a little daunted by it all – those dogs have a better wardrobe than I do! Louise is very image conscious, so if she wants me wearing an outfit that matches Larry’s I don’t mind.”

“He’s a good little dog. We’re mates already.”

Although it’s too soon to talk about marriage, Dan only has to look at Lola’s nuptials for an idea of what may be in store. The ceremony was held in the gardens of a luxury mansion in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex. The venue swallowed up £2,500 of the budget alone. Louise, who owns the Doggy Diva salon for pampered pooches, fell for Dan straight away, but waited to see if her pets approved of him. She said:

“They all loved Dan straight away and jumped all over him.

“I think they could see how much I liked him, and decided, well, if mum is that happy, then we are too.”