Doggy detective continues his adventures

The seventh book in a popular canine mystery series has been released.

Paw and Order, which went on sale August 5th, continues the story of private investigator Bernie and his dog Chet.

Crime-thriller author Peter Abrahams writes the popular novels, but he uses the name Spencer Quinn for this series. His first book in the collection, Dog On It, was released in 2009 and sold well, but it took a while for a fan base to build.

Today, fictional-pooch Chet has his own website and an avid fan base. His Friends of Chet page has 740 doggy fans, whose owners have all submitted a picture and commented. Currently, there are no Chet The Dog accessories available, but with such a big fan base, it is probably only a matter of time before we see Chet The Dog collars and leads for sale.

Stephen King is also a fan of Chet. The author wrote his horror book Cujo from the viewpoint of a dog, with some sections of his novel The Stand also written in this way. Mr King calls Chet:

“…a canine Sam Spade full of joie de vivre.”

In this book, the pair travels to Washington DC, where they are drawn into a complicated international conspiracy. The story is even quirkier than normal, with a demented guinea pig called Barnum playing an important role. So vital, in fact, that he holds the future of the US in his paws.

The early signs are that this unusual book will sell well. There is a book tour planned and it has already received several five star reviews on Amazon.