Dogs do their bit for the environment as sales of green dog toys increases

Dogs do their bit for the environment as sales of green dog toys increases

A popular internet site that specialises in selling dog toys has claimed that there is a significant increase in the amount of eco-friendly toys that are flying off their virtual shelves. The green dog toys are becoming easier to sell as dog owners become more aware of dangers to the environment caused by chemicals and production.

In just this year alone, the website Dog Geekz has recorded that 85% of the stock of dog toys that they have sold is eco-friendly.

Samuel Nieves, the founder of Dog Geekz said

“Many of these products just sell themselves. Very little advertising goes into these ‘green’ products making it a huge milestone in the advancement of reducing the canine carbon footprint in this world. We are excited that these environmentally friendly dog products are consistently outselling ordinary dog products.”

He also added:

“Many individuals believe that shopping ‘green’ for our canine companion is boring, with very limited options in colour and style, but this thought is being proved wrong as new and more sophisticated dog products are being made and introduced. Eco friendly dog products in most cases are very carefully designed with the dog’s total comfort and planet’s well being in mind.”

Scientists claim that concerns about the environment are no longer just limited to humans. People all over the world are making conscious decisions on more and more products, depending on how environmentally friendly the products are. A tiny contribution by everyone to try and preserve and maintain the argument will make a significant difference.


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