Dogs Trust scoops £100,000 prize from Postcode Lottery

Every day, people around the UK are winning life-changing sums of money thanks to the Postcode Lottery. This inventive competition uses people’s postcodes to determine winners, and everyone who plays helps to support a number of charitable organisations around the country. Thousands of participants jump for joy each week and earlier this month it was the Dogs Trust’s turn to celebrate. The charity lottery recently travelled to the canine welfare organisation’s Glasgow branch to pass over a cheque for £100,000.

More than 16,000 dogs in 18 rehoming centres will benefit from the money, and the win couldn’t have come at a better time, as the Trust is preparing to welcome a flow of unwanted animals throughout the festive season.

The money will be used to care for dogs while they wait to enter their new homes. Furthermore, the funds will go towards programs that raise awareness around responsible pet ownership.

A team of 17 education officers from the Dogs Trust work to promote safety by visiting nearby schools and helping young people understand what responsibilities come with animal care. Five new staff members will now be funded thanks to the Postcode Lottery win, one of which will reside in Edinburgh.

CEO of the Dogs Trust, Clarissa Baldwin, spoke of her excitement at winning, saying:

“We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters, so this funding will make a huge difference to dog welfare in this country.”

For more information on the ways in which this money will make a difference, visit the Dogs Trust’s official website.