Ever heard of NostraDogmus? Sky to air show about clairvoyant dog

Do you believe that your pet may have psychic powers? Has he ever put the wind up you by raising his hackles and growling at something unseen in the corner of your living room? Does he have the preternatural ability to tell when you’re coming home from work, displaying a dislocation in time and space beyond the comprehension of the piffling five senses possessed by mere mortals such as you and I? If so, Sky 1 HD may have just the program for you.

New series ‘A Different Breed’ tells the stories of some of the most devoted dog owners in Britain, and we at Dream Dogs have been lucky enough to get a sneaky peek at it.

vinie jonesThe first episode, Vinnie Jones (the clairvoyant Dachshund, not the goolie-squeezing cockernee footballer-turned-actor) and his owners Waldyr and Simeon take him on a ghost hunt to determine once and for all if he has psychic powers. On their way, they meet up with John Pope-de-Locksley, a medium, ghost expert, and self-proclaimed King of Independent Witchcraft who claims to be able to speak to Vinnie, in a bid to sniff out London’s supernatural denizens.

The series looks to have something for every dog lover – the second episode concerns Janet, and her search for a husband for her Yorkshire terrier Lola. The show’s highlights include Lola being fitted for her wedding dress, and the vows for the ceremony, which compel the lucky groom to “lick the bride”.

Fans of the show will even get a chance to get their paws on some goodies, courtesy of Urban Pup, by entering their pooch into the competition on the ‘A Different Breed’ Facebook page.

The show airs tonight on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD.