‘Gastropup’ Pub Lunches for Dogs

A chain of pubs in the UK, including the Five Alls in Gloucestershire, is launching a set menu for dogs. While many pubs in the UK, particularly those that serve food, are turning dogs and dog owners away, some pubs are cashing in on the fact that people want to take their dogs to the pub with them by offering meals specifically for dogs.

The special Gastropup pubs are in conjunction with Butcher’s Pet Care and Brakspear. Together the two have come up with a varied selection of pub lunches for dogs.

According to Caroline Coombs, the brand manager for Butcher’s Pet Care:

“A family walk is a great way to strengthen that special emotional connection with your dog and stopping off at a country pub to enjoy a drink and bite to eat is a great British summer institution.”

“Now dog owners can sit down to lunch happy in the knowledge their dog is enjoying their meal as much as they are.”

“We’ve built our business on feeding generations of family dogs and all our recipes are naturally nutritious and contain all of the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to keep him healthy, happy and fit as a Butcher’s dog.”

The dog menus haven’t been put into the action across the UK yet as they’re being trialled in just two pubs. The pub lunches for dogs are to help Butcher’s Pet Care promote two of its new products, ‘Special Fayre‘ and ‘Meaty feasts‘.

In the participating pubs dogs can enjoy pub lunches in Butcher’s bowls.

According to Caroline Kisko, the secretary for the Kennel Club, the idea is a great one for dog owners and for dogs:

“Dogs are part of the family, so we are delighted to hear that more pubs are offering cuisine specifically created for their four-legged customers.”

“It is well known that dogs improve the atmosphere of a place so it makes sense that businesses go that extra mile to make dogs and their owners feel welcome in their premises.”

If the trials in two of Brakspear’s pubs prove successful, the scheme will go nationwide and dogs all over the UK can enjoy pub lunches. Tom Davies, the commercial director for Brakspear, commented:

“If the menus are a success in the trial pubs, Brakspear would be happy to consider rolling this out across our other dog-friendly pubs”.

“Many of our pubs are located near popular walking routes and attract customers to enjoy the countryside with their four-legged companions.”

“For many dog-owners, being able to source a meal in the pub for their pet as well as for themselves will be an attractive option and we’re pleased to be offering the Butcher’s meals, which we hope will be a further boost to the dog-friendly reputation of our pubs.”