How to choose a show dog

Whatever breed of dog you have chosen for a pet and you want use as a show dog, there are no guarantees your dog will be a winner.

When choosing your breed of dog, even for showing, you have to take into account your dog will have to fit in with your family and your lifestyle.

One main question is your house large enough for your chosen breed of dog. Sometimes this can be a deciding factor.

If you have a small garden or a back yard it may be necessary to choose a smaller dog that only requires a minimum amount of daily exercise. Too little exercise can lead to behavioural problems.

You need to ask around and visit dog shows. Ask the breeders of dogs and obtain relevant information on good dog breeder who has a prize winning bitch with a good pedigree and with a litter of pups either for sale or due.

A dog breeder who has shown dogs in the past will be able to help you select a quality puppy from the litter but you can usually expect to pay a higher price than normal. However, there are never any guarantees – although you can ensure they are well trained for showing from an early age.

Always check with the breeder of your puppy if they are willing to give you some important advice on healthcare and the correct food to keep your puppy in good health.

A puppy will need some training from an early age and expert handling to see if there is potential for dog shows.

If you are unsure ask your puppy’s breeder to recommend a professional show producer to handle and exhibit your dog for you.