How to clean your puppy’s teeth

There are health concerns for both puppies and adults dogs teeth if they are not kept clean. Dental care is easier if started from an early age, once your puppy has teeth to clean, that is.

How to clean your puppy’s teeth:

Start by washing your hands and smearing a little flavoured dog toothpaste on your index finger.  Don’t be tempted to use human toothpaste.

Let your puppy lick the toothpaste off your finger and continue three or four more times through the day until he recognises what is happening and looks forward to the taste.

When you are sure your puppy is happy, slowly place your finger in his mouth (mind the sharpness of his teeth). Don’t go too far inside his mouth but far enough for the toothpaste to settle on his teeth.

Take a small finger brush which resembles a thimble and brush the teeth slowly for a couple of seconds. Do not linger too long and don’t worry if the puppy wriggles.  If that happens try again later. Be sure to persevere.

When you see your puppy is used to this action and probably thinks it’s a good game you can try again with a tooth brush.

Start in the same way by letting your puppy lick the toothpaste off the bristles. When your puppy is happy then you can move the toothbrush up and down.

Caution: do not try this when your puppy is too young. If you are unsure ask your local vet for advice.