How to help a dog with sensitive skin

dog-shampooOne of the most common dog problems that owners have to watch out for with a new puppy is the onset of sensitive skin. Chemicals in certain products can often be the cause; however good grooming is way to reduce the effects.

Humans will know how awful itchy skin can be. The sensation you experience when you touch nettles springs to mind, it is the same for puppies and dogs.

To alleviate a dog’s skin becoming sore with itching you can try to groom them on a regular basis, brushing the coat gently enough to remove house dust, pollen or bits of grass, while at the same time being careful not to hurt any of the more sensitive areas of your dog’s body.

If your dog has a coat of long hair, comb through any tangles and, at the same time, talk to your dog in a gentle tone to give him some reassurance. If too knotty the longer strands of hair can be cut away.

Next is bath time; always use a dog shampoo that is named on the label as being ‘for sensitive skin’. Using both hands, apply the liquid around the eyes and ears, trying at the same time not to let any excess water seep inside the inner ear.

Using your hands again, smooth a small amount of shampoo over your dog’s body. Rinse well and gently wrap him up in a large bath towel before dabbing him dry.

It is at this time I will mention that a dog with sensitive skin should not be dried off with a hairdryer; let your dog’s fur dry naturally as heat will only cause more irritation.