How to keep your puppy healthy naturally

Keeping your puppy healthy can be a mine field with the variety of products being advertised as ways to keep your puppy healthy.

Animal care in general is big business. However pet owners are taking more of an interest in natural products.  Each puppy starting out on his or her life can benefit from a good diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, meat and whole grains.

The portion of food allocated at mealtimes for a puppy will depend on the size of the breed, taking into account if it is a working or an active dog.

A balanced diet from a young age will see that the puppy’s joints, muscles and teeth are kept in good health. The major organs of a puppy will work more efficiently to reduce any unwanted toxins and give freedom of movement.

Herbal plants and essential oils work well alongside the modern medicine of today.  A qualified alternative health therapist for animals will use his knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy oils as a cost effective home remedy.

Listed below are some of the herbs and aromatherapy oils which are useful in helping to keep a puppy in good health:

•    Poor bowel movements require Flaxseed mixed with a little water
•    Oats reduce itchy skin
•    Calendula essential oil or cream is for wounds or rashes
•    A broken sleep pattern or a nervous puppy will benefit from Lavender essential oil

There are many natural ways to help keep your puppy healthy.