Missing poodle turns up alive and well after 18 months

A family are stunned to discover that their pet poodle, which went missing over 18 months ago, has turned up alive and well 115 miles from his home.

Archie the poodle disappeared in July 2009, leaving his owners, the Moran family, devastated and in fear for his life. Although they searched high and low for him, the days, weeks and months passed, and they resigned themselves to never seeing him again.

However, in what must seem as though it’s straight out of a Benji movie, Archie was picked up by a member of the public in Oxford. Luckily, he was micro-chipped, and dog wardens were able to identify him and reunite him with his owners.

Chris Moran, 52, recounted how upsetting Archie’s disappearance was:

“We either thought he had been knocked down and he was in a ditch somewhere, or he had gone off with somebody. It was like losing a member of our family.”

Coincidentally, the Morans found out about Archie’s recovery on Mr Moran’s wife’s birthday.

Julia Moran, 57, said:

“It is the best birthday present I could ever have.”

“When we heard the news, we thought we were in a dream, because when we lost him it was like being in limbo.”

The couple, along with 19 year old daughter Kelly, were reunited with the wandering pooch last week, and greeted him with lots of dog treats and affection.

Archie’s exploits during his time away from home are a mystery. He went missing from Julia’s sister’s house whilst the family were holidaying in France. The family cut short their holiday to come back to the UK to search for him, but it was to no avail.

Although he was dirty when he was found, it was obvious that he had been fed and looked after. No doubt Archie will have been treated to a bath, a new dog bed and plenty of new dog toys and treats to welcome him home.